“Letanía el olvido”

I'm frightened and I shouldn't be I know the ladder to the heavens
The clouds the birds are strung along by The laughter of butterflies
I'm frightened and I shouldn't be
I understand the light, its discourse But it's cold it's night
And everything is thick, erect, everything cuts
I'm frightened I'm two or no one Always beside you alone
I'm frightened of these hands These arms this back
This voice at the end of the line Pure lava in the stomach of ocean
They've taught me to think in infinities They've revealed the arpeggios of silence But I'm frightened of me my enemy
My self sown into my skin My daily companion
Like a dead tongue Like a sparse shadow Like an Our Father
I'm frightened and it's day already

from ‘Life in sips’, book ‘The Disobedient Gaze’ Devenir Editorial,
Madrid 2013

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